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Steffie is the Chairman and main organizer of Højer Art Jam, Curator of Kunsten Gallery, Curator of “Artist in Residence” - programs, Founder of ArtTide and Founding Director of HøjerWood.

Steffie is the Chairman and main organizer of "Højer Art Jam"

After 25 successful years, in 2017, Steffie became the chairman and main organizer of the Højer internationale traeskulptur symposium, taking over the baton from her father. In only one year the original symposium was transformed and developed into a multidisciplinary art event, in 2018, including different art forms. At the same time, the art event had a name change, making it’s image more international and modern. Højer Art Jam is built on 25 years of wood sculpture symposiums in Højer, and is now containing a bigger range of different materials and art forms. In 2018 the Art Jam was presenting not only wood sculptures, but also murals, fine-art photography and installation art. At the same time the Art Jam opened a sculpture park in the heart of Højer. It is Steffie’s hope that the Art Jam will continue to grow in the future, including an even bigger range of materials and art forms.

Participants of Højer Art Jam 2018

"Live" art creation during Højer Art Jam 2018

"Live" art creation during Højer Art Jam 2018

Closing Exhibition of Højer Art Jam 2018

A small bit of Højer ArtJam 2018 in "Time - laps". Højer Art Jam 2018.

Steffie is the Curator of "Kunsten Gallery"

Kunsten Gallery is situated in Denmark and is hosting different exhibitions during the year. The gallery is presenting professionally made artworks in many different materials and by both national and international artists. The gallery has presented both mixed- and solo exhibitions. It is always a high priority to make the surrounding scenery fit the purpose, and help showing the best version of the presented artworks. The composition and presentation of the works is also a high priority in order to make the best possible outcome of an art show at Kunsten. When selecting artworks for exhibitions it is vital for Steffie, that the whole picture is coming together.

Group exhibition 2018

Exhibition "Freedom Time" 2018

Exhibition "Freedom Time" opening 2018

Exhibition "With" 2017

Exhibition "Location" opening 2017

Photo Exhibition "Product of Højer" opening 2018

Steffie is the Curator of “Artist in Residence” programs

The “Artist in Residence” programs are organized and curated by Steffie. Well-recognized and internationally respected artists from different countries are invited to attend art programs in Denmark. During the stay they create artworks from different materials and become a part of the local community for a period of an average of 4 weeks. It is a developing process both culturally and artistically - both for the curator, the artists and the community. The art programs are ending with an exhibition of the artworks made during the residence.

2018 Art Residence, Sang-Heon Lee (South Korea) and Glebos Tkachenko (Russia)

2018 Art Residence, Sang-Heon Lee (South Korea)

Video of wood sculpture creation during art residency in Højer, Denmark 2018. Artists - Gleb Dusavitskiy, Lee Sang Heon.

2017 Art Residence, Bijay Biswaal (India)

Steffie is the Founding Director of the project "HøjerWood"

HøjerWood is a Danish-based company, producing handmade art with practical purposes. The company is based more specifically in Højer, which is a tiny town on the southwest coast of Denmark. In HøjerWood the main material used in the artworks is wood. Materials such as fabric, metal, glass and resins are also used. HøjerWood features national and international artists, who through the inspiration of the local landscape develop creative ideas for artworks, which are always produced in Denmark.

Table, Larch wood

Table, Oak wood

Steffie is the Curator of "Højer Art Grove" sculpture park

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Revealing of the first sculpture at The Højer Art Grove sculpture park. Sculpture "Gowth" by Glebos Tkachenko. Højer 2018

Steffie is the Founder of "ArtTide"

ArtTide is a non-profit organization. The purpose of the ArtTide is to organize great art events and exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. Steffie has a life-long experience of organizing art events. It is the goal for the ArtTide to be a part of presenting contemporary art for the public, making the chosen locations unique and special. ArtTide is both consulting and organizing art events.